A variety of procedures are available to our patients from the comfort and convenience of our Metairie office. They include:


Colposcopy is performed when a pap smear shows abnormal changes in cervical cells. The procedure provides more information about the abnormal cells, and also may be used to further assess other problems, including genital warts on the cervix, cervicitis (inflamed cervix), benign (non-cancerous) growths, pain, and bleeding. Colposcopy also can be used to check the results of a treatment.

ESSURE sterilization

This quick and effective alternative to traditional sterilization eliminates the need for invasive surgery and extended recovery. A camera inserted through the natural opening of the cervix means no incisions are necessary and discomfort is minimal.

Infertility treatments

Treatment options depend on the cause of infertility and may involve in-office procedures, prescription medications, surgery, or other technologies. Often, several treatments may be combined to improve results. Even if no cause is found, infertility often can be successfully treated.

Uterine fibroid treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of fibroids often can be performed in the office, though some treatments require a hospital visit. Treatments include surgical and medical management.

For more information about a diagnosis and treatment, follow the link to its fact sheet on the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) website. These fact sheets also are available in Spanish.

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